Profit and Charity

The main aim every year is to provide a top quality, fun and memorable weekend. The cost of such ambition and attention to detail is high and must be shared with everyone who comes along. ToneFest is never about making money out of friends and supporters, so back in 2011 when we knew the festival would make a profit for the first time Tony decided he would feel better if this went to charity.
It is important to point out that ToneFest is not a charity festival and it is always our intention to spend every penny taken from tickets sales on the festival, on the infrastructure, good facilities and most importantly, making sure the artists that play are paid for their efforts.
All the profit that we do make from our cheap bars, merchandise, raffle and cream teas etc goes to a charity each year and our current total is up to £14,000 for the Youth Cancer Trust Thank you to all those that make this possible. They are a fantastic local charity, based in Bournemouth and below is the write up their founder Brenda Clark wrote for our programme: