We believe that a festival doesn’t have to be about corporate money making schemes, barriers, chemical toilets or about camping miles from the action and being charged for this, that and the other.

Our aim is to provide an event with amazing music, strong family ideals and value for money. A simple process that produces a strong community feel as well as a very memorable weekend. We are fussy about everything we do and everything has to be right. The quality of everything from musicians to food is very high on our agenda. We are always honoured to have such amazing musicians play.


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marypoppinsToneFest is a unique small boutique festival with a big vibe and because it is small, there is no queuing, you can park next to your tent and get up close to the amazing artists and performers that will entertain you.

There are no stage barriers, stewards telling you can't do this or that and a very special feel. We attract some of the most amazing acts from all over the UK and believe that the quality of music, realistic ticket charge and very reasonable food and drink prices make us the perfect family festival. We're not interested at being the best, we just want to do what we want to do the way we want to do it.




What's On? .... A lot has changed since ToneFest started in 2008. We are growing via the learning curve of 'not having a clue!', with a slowly but surely approach.

It is sometimes what you don't do that makes something work. We think putting too much on would be a mistake.

There is a main stage, a stage in front of approximately 100 three piece suites, a 10 man reggae 'dancehall', a classic silent disco nightclub and a stage in the middle of the woods.

There is a full programme for adults and for the children.




Obviously the line up will grow over the coming months as we book acts and entertainers from near and far.

As those that have been before will confirm, we really do attract some amazingly talented musicians and acts that travel many miles to play for our wonderful crowd. We like to find the artists ourselves rather than taking requests but we do run a few competitions for some of the slots so keepyour eyes open for these if your eager to play. We also pride ourselves in looking after the artists that make ToneFest so successful. Without musicians,there would not be a festival......please remember this, when they offer their CD's for sale :-)

Acts for 2017 to be announced soon!!!!